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Export analysis of China's LED display in the first quarter of 2017

Date : 2017-06-29 :  View  

With the deepening of the globalization process, the domestic LED display enterprises are increasingly implementing the "go out" strategy. In recent years, the overseas journey of major enterprises has been steadily improving. According to Ovid yunwang (AVC) display devices and systems division "China LED display export data report" shows that the scale of China's LED display products export market growth in 2012 from $624 million to $1 billion 287 million in 2016, an increase of 24.5%. However, since 2013, the domestic LED display export scale year-on-year growth continued to decline, overseas market development is increasingly hindered.



  In 2016, China's total export of LED displays was about $1 billion 287 million, down 2.69% from the same period, mainly because of the fact that only 35 million 956 thousand and 700 US dollars were realized in August, down 70.61% from January to January, the lowest value for the whole year. The annual decline in exports affected by the exchange rate adjustment, but also with the domestic market application proportion rose are inseparable, especially small pitch LED display acceleration to the command center, the monitoring center, video conferencing and other traditional large screen display applications penetrate.




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