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On the development trend of LED display

Date : 2018-11-30 :  View  

1. development of energy conservation trend

Energy conservation and environmental protection have always been the new ideas of future life; LED display itself is very energy-saving, its characteristics include: high luminous efficiency, long life, easy to control, free maintenance; It is a new generation solid cold light source, light and soft, gorgeous, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, is a green environmental products. But make the LED screen, the power consumption is not small. LED screens are large screens that require a lot of dots. Reducing the power consumption of LED display and realizing real energy saving will be the most important trend of LED display.
2. Development of light and thin trend
Now almost every family in the industry in which prides itself on housing characteristics of thin, thin body is indeed an inevitable trend to replace iron box, iron box itself weight of the past is not low, plus the weight of the steel structure, the whole is very heavy. So many floors building is difficult to bear such a heavy attachments, bearing pressure balance, foundation of the construction and so on all is not easy to accept, and not easy to remove, transport costs increase greatly, so the cabinet light is all manufacturers have to update a trend.
3. Development of patent protection trend
LED industry competition is intense, almost every enterprise in market competition, rob customers, expand the scale, but there are few companies focus on product research and development on the real, but in order to keep technical competence, technology spillover risk reduction, the patent is the best way to protect. As the industry is gradually mature and standardized, it is the inevitable trend of LED large-screen industry to protect its intellectual property and intangible assets by applying for patent.
4. Development of rapid and precise splicing trend
This is mainly for LED rental displays. The feature of leasing is that it is often disassembled to meet the temporary demand, so the screen should be stitched together quickly and accurately. Hanchuang LED rental screen is super light and thin. The light and thin design is the biggest demand of LED rental screen, LED display screen because of its particularity, needs to be removed and moved regularly. The thinner and lighter LED rental screen transport is more convenient and can save more cost. So the fast and accurate installation is also the trend of LED display.
5. Development of standardization trend
LED displays have sprung up, but there are only a few that can be recognized by the industry. Just because small after establishment, many small small funds, research and development capacity to keep up with, so I tried to cut corners, summary design, geared for copying the design of the large companies, even result the whole market is filled with defective items, for many customers a headache, this kind of behavior is to the customer and is not responsible for. Therefore, the standardization of LED large-screen products is also an inevitable trend.
6. Development of the trend of smaller spacing
Small spacing has always been one of the products of hot products. At present, the small space in the room has broken through the zero point, and the outdoor space also breaks down below P2. With the development of technology, the spacing will be smaller and smaller.