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The small spacing LED to the villa - the small space for the civilian market really came?

Date : 2017-11-18 :  View  

          Over the years, with the ever-increasing use of light-spaced LED displays, production has been rising and prices have fallen, and the field of application has accelerated. It is now visible in the media, advertising, cinemas and other commercial applications. As the market increases and costs fall further, the civilian path of small spacing leds is also on the agenda. 

         In recent days, an LED screen manufacturer has customized a set of indoor small space LED screens for a villa in chaoyang district, Beijing. Its excellent performance and screen display are very impressive. Meanwhile, the application of the chaoyang villa area in Beijing undoubtedly shows that the current domestic market of the small spacing LED has been broken open by the door... 
         Two years, the industry has LED to small spacing civil market put forward the idea, but there is no screen enterprise real production target can be used to market products, until recent years, small spacing LED TV began to gradually into the part of the high-end market, we really feel small spacing LED civil market's door is open. Its huge market space also become the important profit growth point of the panel companies, leah DE 2017 half year performance report has made it clear that: in the first half of 2017 net profit growth comes mainly from the expansion of LED display screen selling small spacing and orders increase. Not only that, this year's Shanghai international LED show, the small spacing LED TV is also very impressive. As industry insiders predict: today, small - spaced LED TVS are starting to be heavily used indoors. In addition to the excellent display effect, in terms of installation, price and technology, the small spacing LED display has been preliminarily equipped. First, in terms of installation, small spacing LED modular and removable design, can divide the large screen display wall split up the size of the unit, the screen display entry difficult problems easily. Not only that, the modular characteristics of small spacing LED have multiple advantages such as convenient maintenance, which is suitable for high-end civil market. The second is price, compared with the same large-size LCD TV, small spacing LED display at least 40% more. The industry veteran who thinks, do high cost of large size LCD, take for example, 120 - inch LCD panel, the cost of about 80-1.2 million, and to do with LED display screen only need 50-600000, the cost obviously got greatly decreased, LED display for small spacing widely into indoor lower the barriers to entry. 
         Finally, the development of technology is also an important factor, with the development of small spacing technology, it also lays a foundation for small spacing LED TV. Especially in COB packaging technology progress, make small spacing LED product image display effect is more outstanding, its unique technology and effectively reduce the audience on the LED display a closer look at injury and discomfort. In the global energy shortage and environmental pollution at the same time big background, the development of energy conservation and environmental protection of civilian consumer goods has become a consensus, China as a major power energy consumption, high efficiency and energy saving LED light source development is the trend of The Times. 
         This, of course, if the current small spacing LED the civilian market has been open, seems a little too "arrogance", because we must clearly recognize that the current small spacing is also greater than the price of general civil market shows that the price of the product, can only meet part of the high-end residential market, therefore, the future LED display in civil achieved great development and wide market, also need to further reduce the cost, and constantly improve the product, to the real way for small spacing of the LED TV market.