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The small space market is about to burst! The market is close to 10 billion yuan by 2018

Date : 2017-11-23 :  View  

          With small spacing TV highly recognized by the market and customers, listed companies are focus on the key research and development products, small spacing and has been achieved a new breakthrough, promising in overseas markets, domestic LED display company in cost advantage and improve technology level, driven by more competitive in foreign markets. Small spacing products to replace the original traditional screen together wall into the command, scheduling, meeting, commercial advertising, such as high-end civilian market potential is tremendous, listed enterprise develop the market together, also can increase the market penetration of small spacing between products, rapidly improve product sales of small spacing; And listed companies in product, technology, brand, customers and so on various aspects are in a leadership position, although the market share and gross margin declined slightly, but due to the market as a whole expanded rapidly, so the total amount of the sales and profits of listed companies raise also have small spacing technology development most of the credit. 

         Facing the constantly expanding market share, technical personnel introduces, at present there are four kinds of indoor display applications, including the display, video surveillance, command and control, and information, in the process of cut indoor application market, r&d department focuses on four aspects of small spacing LED technology focus. 
         1. how to achieve "high low light grey", technical personnel said that unlike outdoor display demands high brightness and refresh rate and energy efficiency, indoor display needs to be more brightness down, in terms of specific data, small spacing LED into indoor best brightness in 100-300 CD/m2. However, the loss of grayness caused by the reduced brightness needs to be accomplished through the technical supplement. The test shows that only a few manufacturers can achieve low and high ash at the same time, and most manufacturers need some degree of improvement. 
         2. How to achieve seamless joint and high-speed correction, the technicians say that the biggest advantages of small spacing leds are seamless, but they are more demanding when splicing. For liquid crystal, as long as the joint is stitched evenly, there is no problem, the seam is not obvious. But the LED small spacing is not good. If the module is too tight, the bright line will appear and the die group will leave, and there will be a dark line. It's not easy to really put together. Therefore, the process and correction technology of the box body and the guarantee of efficiency and good combination need to be guaranteed. 
         3.how to reduce the death rate of lamp, guarantee the stability of the screen body technical personnel said that the traditional industry standard is LED to death light rate in one over ten thousand, but not small spacing, according to the traditional standard, if a square meters has a dead lamp, display would become unreadable. The death rate in the future will need to be controlled to one in 100,000 or even a million to meet the long-term needs. 
         4. how to match the source standard resolution, technical personnel said, different from the outdoor display, outdoor advertising will choose according to the resolution of the screen is suitable for the content of the broadcast, indoor display signal source has a certain standard, as a manufacturer, can't adapt to the display resolution requires access to the indoor signal source, but to meet the requirement of indoor signal source, for the design of the corresponding resolution and assurance, to meet user needs. After more than a year's understanding of indoor display products and understanding of customer needs, shadow technology has completed this transformation and achieved user demand. 
         In 2017, the whole LED display market can clearly feel the further growth of small spacing technology and market development. Along with the technical barriers such as low light and high ash, and the vacancy rate of dead lights, the small spacing LED display will shine in the commercial display area except for the indoor application market. But both opportunities and challenges coexist. , on the other hand, shows the market demand for products and screen enterprise various aspects ability is higher, so the screen companies want to make a career in business market, must improve their product innovation ability, brand and service such as comprehensive strength. 
         No product has ever been flawless from birth, and so have LED displays. After initially LED display can only repair maintenance way, but now individual manufacturer to product made some adjustments, innovation can produce before the maintenance of LED display, not only expand the application area of the LED display, and also implements the product differentiation, improve product competitiveness. In the same way, some enterprises have made special efforts to develop LED displays with energy-saving effects, which can reduce the consumption of electricity, and save users the cost, and also become a highlight of the product. In addition, there are some companies that use high heat dissipation performance of raw materials manufacturing LED display, make product can eliminate heat dissipation components, and reduces the product due to overheating fault problem, greatly improving the market competitiveness of products. 
         For the small spacing LED display brands that are strong in traditional market, how to differentiate and construct high-end market barriers to maintain their high value image is a challenge. For the growth industry driven by technological innovation, when the market penetration rate is 20% to 50%, the industry will enter the explosion stage. 2016 is the first year of small spacing LED, and it is expected to remain super-fast in the next 2-3 years, and the market size will be close to 10 billion yuan by 2018.