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Two sessions wind direction! In 2017, LED will force four areas!

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Recalling the policy of the first quarter, the two sessions are inseparable topic. So, in the last two years of the two sessions, which proposals are closely related to the LED industry? What are the favorable effects of the new policy on the LED industry? At the same time, what are the voices from the LED industry?




  Smart lighting opportunity

NPC and CPPCC recently held in Beijing, artificial intelligence once again received attention. This year, premier of the State Council of the first mention of artificial intelligence in the government work report, and included in the 13th Five-Year National Science and technology innovation plan, visible artificial intelligence is entering an important stage of development, the industry broke out soon. Analysis, artificial intelligence will begin to be applied to professional areas of strong segmentation, such as automobiles, household appliances, etc., and then through the accumulation of databases and algorithmic progress, and then extended to other fields.

This means that the intelligent lighting industry will also usher in a favorable policy favorable development situation. In September 2016, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance in the "Beijing city" in 13th Five-Year "green lighting project implementation plan" that is, in 2019 and 2020 to comprehensively promote the City Industrial Park, the campus, the hospital intelligent lighting upgrade project.

Nuggets sports industry

On March 5th, the fifth session of the Twelfth National People's Congress was opened at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, and Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council delivered a report on the work of the government. "Government work report" in addition to "promote social construction" to protect and improve people's livelihood as the focus of the review referred to "do the Winter Olympics and winter Paralympic Games preparations for this work, and mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry development, to carry out a wide range of fitness, so that more people enjoy the joy of movement, have a healthy body. The people's physical and mental health, optimism, and the state will certainly be full of vitality, there are some worthy of discussion, I hereby point out for the industry criticism.

For sports industry this big cake, attracted a lot of LED industry capital influx. At present, including Lehman shares, alto electronics, optoelectronics, Riyadh Abison and other large LED enterprises have started in the sports industry layout planning. I believe that under the guidance of national policy, the future of LED enterprises in the sports field will be greater.

Seize the opportunities for development The Belt and Road "

In 2017, The Belt and Road "theme is expected to continue to heat up. 2017 NPC and CPPCC during March 5th, Premier Li Keqiang's government work report of the 5 mentioned "The Belt and Road", the morning of March 8th, foreign minister Wang Yi said that currently there are more than 20 heads of state in May 2017 to determine the "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum, in addition to leaders Roundtable summit, and a wider range of about The Belt and Road" 6 high level meeting in Beijing with the theme, "The Belt and Road" will once again become the focus of global attention.

For export enterprises, "The Belt and Road" the introduction of relevant policies for the enterprise will bring enormous opportunities for development. According to statistics, "The Belt and Road" market growth will be higher than the national overall level of LED lighting products export 20132020 years, the average annual growth rate of about 58%, to 2020 Chinese LED lighting products export along the road about $53 billion, accounting for the share of over 50%.

Seize the "smart city" opportunity

This year NPC and CPPCC period, from around the National People's Congress on the "smart city" have suggestions that "wisdom city construction is a huge project, the need to improve the city security, underground tunnel construction, and the construction of smart city, not rushing headlong into the political, scientific planning and co-ordination to promote.

The past two years, the "smart city" layers of progress, but also for the development of the LED industry has brought new opportunities for development. As an important component of urban public lighting system and smart city, intelligent LED street lamp and security monitoring based LED display industry, is undoubtedly a big positive.