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LED display "lifestyle" application trends clear

Date : 2017-06-29 :  View  

Speaking of the LED display, our concept is usually just a more massive screen hanging on the wall or embedded in an advertising machine for playing video and advertising. However, with the deepening of creativity, personality and the continuous progress of technology, now the LED screen has unwittingly revealed the signs of people's daily life. The "black technology" attitude "niche" display needs, whether it will become a day after normal? And "life" of the application, whether it can grow into a new growth point of LED display industry and mature segments?

From the runway to the mobile phone, the LED screen gradually invaded the daily life

Recently, a sports brand built a stadium in Philippines, Manila, with tens of millions of LED running screen built a 200 meter runway LED display, from above, the runway is shoe shape, colorful. It is said that as long as sensors are mounted on the shoes, a virtual "opponent" will appear on the LED screen to compete with runners in order to stimulate people's sporting spirit.

Coincidentally, an American company designed a "LED shoes", loaded with a curved LED screen, the user can change the screen display content, even connected by wireless transmission and mobile phone, let love shoes presents himself video pattern, is a full.

In addition, media reports, a well-known domestic mobile phone brand new products, but also in its back installed LED small screen, used to display electricity, time, signal strength and other basic information. In addition, its primary key is also integrated with LED lights to form a miniature LED display that displays simple patterns and text to alert users of new messages.

In addition to these, all kinds of creative companies, designers brain hole wide open, luggage, intelligent trash, inside the wall plate, all can be equipped with LED display, even the wheels of a bicycle has been added to the LED device, can display a variety of patterns. It is not difficult to imagine, when some daily necessities and LED display combined, people no longer have to struggle to choose what color or pattern, you can even love the pattern changed at any time, to make life more interesting.

Advances in performance and shape make diversification possible

In fact, with the development of technology, the application field of LED display is becoming more and more extensive. In recent years, small pitch products bring more HD experience, but also promote the application of LED in the field of large screen display room; the beginning of this year, a large number of successful glass screen production applications, significant areas occupy the heights in high luxury goods advertising business; and the special screen, flexible screen screen, further broke LED display the shape restrictions, which greatly increased the possibility of diverse applications.

Secondly, people's material and cultural life is more abundant, so in a personal items reflect personal taste and personality has become a broader appeal, approximate "customized" activities, more people flock to the trend of choice. In such a big cultural direction, creative companies to step up to create a variety of personality products, but also become reasonable. While the LED display and all kinds of life activities combine to be this kind of personality play the most incisive -- what other than can show your love pattern, color and pattern change at any time so that consumers more excited?

In addition, some emphasize the brand style, taste, also in the application of LED display technology in their products, propaganda and shops, with "black technology" attitude, highlighting the brand's fashion sense and sense of science and technology, have a unique style charm. At the same time, they also led display into people's lives, and promote the LED display diversified applications.

Of course, LED display in daily life, far more than in the display of personality and charm, people are also trying to use the actual function, rich life. Just like a hospital in order to meet the child's playful nature, the projection and LED display combination, to create a LED curtain wall, children can touch to change the wall display content. At the same time, interactive content includes natural, scientific and other content, so that children learn knowledge in the invisible. In addition, the smart Bracelet issued by a brand also uses the LED display. Compared to traditional screens, almost borderless LED display not only "Yan value" higher, its high protection is more waterproof, resistant to fall, as intelligent wearable device is also very appropriate.

The sparks of fire can start a prairie fire ", a small area or will become a major trend

At present, LED display in life is still a small amount of penetration, a small range, and even in the use of daily necessities, but also a small area, showing a single effect. However, with the smart home, smart display demand driven development, as well as the continuous improvement of LED display performance, its use in life will become more common.

Such a situation, is undoubtedly the vast number of LED screen enterprises want to see the scene. Today, the LED screen has entered the interior, into security, education and other wider areas of application, but in fact is still large screen display based, ordinary people in daily life is still rarely used. If appear to carry supplies, even if the required area may be very small, but as a commodity, the demand is now no match, so, become a new growth point is not impossible, and even the formation of new market segments.

In view of the current use of LED displays in everyday life, the combination of daily necessities is rare, but when the first computer was born, did people believe that every household needed electricity?