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Who can create a brighter future for LED screen companies?

Date : 2017-06-29 :  View  

LED display industry has developed so far, in the market survival of the fittest law, derived from a group of enterprises have a certain strength, such as no accident, these enterprises will go higher. But at the same time, the effect of leader's individual ability for the development of enterprises will become more significant --LED screen enterprises where higher development platform is larger, as policymakers bosses, the insight, management ability and innovation ability of personal ability, has become the most important index of enterprises can "go far".

Does that mean that if one day the bosses are beginning to feel that the company has become more and more difficult to operate on its own capabilities, they can only watch the business get into the bottleneck? No, the presence of professional managers may provide another possibility for the development of LED screens.

The boss is not behind the decision: successful LED screen prices, there is a boss strategizing

As we have seen earlier, LED display industry is developing rapidly, the entry threshold is not high, so most enterprises bosses are not professional LED screen operation management background, management, market economy has a complete system of knowledge management, and even some even experience are relatively scarce, started only by capital or technology.

Of course, we do not deny the ability of these leaders. Companies that survive in years of high-pressure competition must have their merits. But when the LED screen enterprise develops to a certain height, the importance of operation and management will be more prominent, for example, if the enterprise decision-makers lack experience, they will bring a series of problems for the enterprise, and make the development lag.

First, when the enterprise develops to a certain stage, the bosses tend to emphasize the stability and lack of innovation spirit and brand spirit at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise. LED display industry development to the present, enterprises encountered many ups and downs, but also makes many screen owners dare not innovate, but only steady growth, in order to ensure the survival of enterprises. There are also some bosses, although know that enterprises in the development bottleneck stage, but limited to their own ability and vision, I do not know how to break the status quo. Under the rapid development of LED display industry, these will only lead to "go" situation, to find their bosses had been colleagues left behind, want to catch up, it is not easy.

Two is the lack of operational management, marketing knowledge of the system, and its future plans for enterprises may not meet the needs of enterprise development. The individual's ability and energy are limited. When the boss of the decision maker can not make good planning and execution for the enterprise, how can the enterprise develop in the long run? Especially, most enterprises are not the boss of the LED screen professional background, although out their own experience in the operation and management of the long term, but as the business continues to expand, so it is difficult to match the experience of future development, continue to adhere to their own development, the enterprises will be blocking screen.

The three is the family operation, cronyism is serious. This is not only a common problem LED screen enterprises, but also a common problem of Chinese enterprises, relatives have to take care of three points, even if not appropriate, but also can not wipe out the face to let the other party leave. Moreover, relatives who pretend to be "non ordinary" employees are prone to unfair mentality and even factional strife". In addition, the "father and son" as children inherit mode, limiting the freedom of choosing the right offspring, but also restricted the development of the enterprise itself, resulting in "the rich but three generations" destiny.

Then, is there no good for the boss's decision? Of course not. The boss' understanding of enterprise and industry more deeply, and as the enterprise has always been the leader, the authority makes the decision issued more smoothly, the sense of responsibility and sense of mission is also stronger, don't give up until the last moment. It is also these advantages, making many LED screen enterprises even harder, but also tenaciously overcome difficulties.

Professional managers decision-making: for enterprise management and born, came to the stage of "aides.""

Occupation managers, the backbone talents that specialize in top management, with the ability to eat according to the performance of people, such as Tang Jun, the former president of Microsoft Chinese former president He Jinghua, former UF software Vanke CEO Wang Shi, they are not legal business, but business managers and decision makers. The occupation managers, many former executives in the well-known enterprises, their knowledge and ability, with keen insight and innovation ability, the task is to develop the future planning, to achieve a breakthrough or change for the enterprise, is the occupation of business management expert, slightly with ancient palace "chief of staff" means, but they from behind come to the fore, to make decision.

The introduction of professional managers decision-making, with its insight ability, rich experience and profound theoretical knowledge, formulate scientific development goals and strategic planning. LED display industry now "dividend" has been in the past, more competitive, market prospects and applications in various fields are common development, there is no scientific planning and co-ordination, LED screen is easy to get lost in the "crossroads of enterprises". On the contrary, with professional managers more scientific and fit the future development goals and strategic planning, enterprise development will be more robust, and even can break through the status quo, to achieve greater development.

It will help promote the reform and perfection of the enterprise management system, and promote the formation of a scientific and complete management system. Have many years of experience working in large enterprises, the majority of occupation managers are more understanding of large enterprise system, by their participation in the development or modification of the existing system, to establish the improvement of the existing system, poor sound and effective management system. At the same time, in the employing system side