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Outdoor watch will lead the future LED outdoor advertising screen market!

Date : 2017-06-29 :  View  

Ever since the emergence of cities and the development of urban construction, there has been an outdoor media advertising market. From the initial sign, wood carving lantern banner, to today's computer printing, neon lights, big LED display, outdoor media advertising. Outdoor media advertising is the closest form of expression to the masses, with a wide range of affinity.


In recent years, the rapid development of outdoor advertising has become an indispensable existence of every city. With the acceleration of urbanization, the hotspots of outdoor LED industry have sunk to the prefecture level cities. At present, a second tier city core point LED large screen resources has basically been completed with enclosure approval procedures, strict, relatively limited resources, and the three or four line of the city outdoor LED belongs to the blue ocean market, is still in the phase of rapid expansion, considerable room to expand. With the development of the advanced LED technology, the LED display, which was only used for indoor watch, has been widely applied to the outdoor market and gradually occupied the direct market share. As everyone knows, the outdoor LED display in a few years ago all the in-line devices, and paste the display brightness is low, and can not adapt to the complex outdoor environment, so the surface mount LED display can only be used in a large number of indoor and outdoor display device is in line LED exclusive world. Now, the development of the technology makes the surface display screen no longer confined to the interior, and it has started to rise in the outside and has achieved rapid development. Surface mount packaging gradually improves on brightness, cost, and tightness. With the rapid development of the chip height and the expansion of production, the problem will be solved gradually. Outdoor watch will gradually occupy the market share of direct tube.

Compared to inline, the patch LED display has more advantages:

First, a wide range of perspectives

Outdoor SMD full color not only has a wide viewing angle above 140 degrees in the horizontal direction, also has more than 140 degrees wide angle in the vertical direction, which is especially advantageous in some application areas, such as building hanging screen, outdoor LED display in the sky will need a broader perspective to show better advertising effect.

Second, good light distribution

Red, green and blue oval LED matching at different angles to three brightness is a difficult target, and because the design of full-color SMD structure for the three one, red, green and blue three chips in a bowl bracket, so at different angles of red green and blue three brightness matching is highly consistent, so that the outdoor full color surface mount LED display brightness at any angle consistent good horse, achieve better color fidelity.

Third, good light mixing

Because of the design of structure for the three one, three chips are very close in the same bracket light mixing bowl cup, instead of three discrete oval LED, so the red, green and blue light mixing effect is better than the line of elliptic LED screen, especially for close watch.

Fourth, high contrast

Because of the design structure of "three in one", the size of full color SMD is small, the luminous area is small, and the area of the black area is large, and the contrast of the LED display screen is improved.

Fifth, automated production

Surface mount LED can use automatic placement machine to automate SMT, and it has high production efficiency. The circuit design of the LED outdoor watch display module can realize the combination of the lamp plate and the driving plate, thereby reducing the cost, improving the reliability, and improving the production efficiency. In addition, the automatic patch production can also improve the vertical accuracy of SMD on the circuit board, and overcome the vertical accuracy of the in-line elliptic LED on the circuit board, thus ensuring better optical effects.

Sixth, the box weight is light

The aluminum alloy material box structure is designed to be very light, beautiful and difficult to deform, easy to assemble and smooth. Suitable for rental companies, car screens, mobile media use; column installation or wall installation, but also to reduce the screen pressure on the steel structure.康易世佳


Previously, because of the low brightness of the surface mount LED, and waterproof, moisture-proof, UV protection function can not meet the requirements of outdoor harsh environment, so the outdoor full-color display is in line LED device world. Full color paste LED display, can only be used in a large number of indoor. With LED chip technology and LED package technology, brightness and protection grade SMD has been able to meet the demand for outdoor applications, the application is fast, that will lead the future outdoor surface mount LED outdoor advertising screen market.