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Innovation into the LED display industry "persistent""

Date : 2017-06-29 :  View  

In recent years, the LED display industry has entered a high cost, low margin, high competition quagmire, although overall, LED display of the cake is more and more big, but the number of output and the enterprise growth rate of products but also not be so. It is not easy for enterprises to break the shackles and achieve greater development. To probe into the relentless competition and the endless cause of the "price war", there are many factors that contribute to the weakness of the industry's creativity and the serious homogenization of the products".

Indeed, often speaking of innovation, but also in the industry "platitude" problem, it is inevitable that some people will sigh, "knowledge of the blame, the line is not easy."". Innovation, transformation, the industry has been talking about, but the specific direction and methods should be like? How can we really win the long-term development of industry and enterprises?

Technological innovation: adhere to the core oriented, supplemented by shape

Throughout the course of development of LED display industry, after more than 10 years of technological innovation, has spawned a number of new products, small pitch LED display, transparent screen, special screen such as the recent hot, and the light screen, flexible screen etc.. These products, in addition to small space products for technological upgrading, most of the rest of the morphological changes, such changes for the LED display is more widely used is also very favorable.

But at the same time, this phenomenon reflects the fact that technological innovations involving more central and more urgent needs are rare. As to optimize the installation process, solve the problem of heat dissipation, simplifying the operation and reduce the long time to watch the discomfort caused by the and so on, this kind of product manufacturing, stability, technology to enhance the user experience, the process is still slow.

Overall, from the upgrading of LED display products, history and market demand, the core technology upgrade, innovation, the impact of more long-term and extensive. Such as the emergence of small space products, not only eliminated part of the lower definition of LED display products, but also seize a part of other display products market, driven by the current market demand. Thus, innovation involving the core technology is conducive to enhancing the overall strength and competitiveness of enterprises, and even to the overall upgrading of LED display industry, market development also has an incredible role in promoting.

In addition, both the small spacing, or light screen, transparent screen and other products, the R & D and production are the views of the market application of feedback, the expression in definition, appearance and other aspects of the request, in turn, encourage enterprises to specialized development mode. Even though this kind of development mode to ensure that the market value of R & D, but also make the enterprise lack of initiative innovation consciousness, have formed a joint upstream and downstream, peripheral equipment and other parties, and in cooperation with the technical research institutes, more and more active core R & D model, limited industry innovation process.

Details of innovation: do not "innovation", small and not

In fact, many companies do not have the ability to carry out core innovation, does that mean that they have nothing to do with innovation? Obviously not, any innovation is conducive to the promotion of products, are worthy of recognition.

No product has ever been perfect since its birth, and so has the LED display. Only after the initial LED display maintenance repair, and now some manufacturers of products to do some innovative adjustment, production of LED display can be maintained, not only to expand the applications of LED display and achieve product differentiation, improve product competitiveness. Similarly, some enterprises ingenuity, research and development to produce energy-saving effects of LED display, can reduce power consumption, save costs for the user, but also become a major highlight of the product. In addition, there are some companies, with high heat dissipation performance of raw material production of LED display, the product can save cooling parts, and reduce the product due to overheating problems, greatly enhance the market competitiveness of products.

In these cases, all enterprises in the warning LED display industry, innovation is not empty talk, to have the creative determination and action, can promote the performance and quality of their products to improve, so that enterprises in the advantage position in the competition.

Promotion innovation: "check without this brand"? Word-of-mouth!

Because the LED display industry circle is small, many manufacturers think, to expand the market, build brand image, should focus on business reputation effect, improve the industry recognition and visibility, a wide range of promotion is not essential.

Undeniably, this is a precise way of promotion. Compared to the daily consumer goods, LED display is relatively narrow range of customers, too much promotion is not worth the candle. But it is such a pragmatic idea, that even in the international and domestic brands occupy a larger market share, visibility is less than some foreign brands, is not conducive to the growth of the brand construction, is not conducive to the development of the potential market.

In addition, with the application of LED display more and more widely, potential customer groups also expanded, in this case, simply relying on ring reputation effect, no doubt in marketing has lost the initiative. Because people are more or less aware of preconceived ideas, it is a forward-looking propaganda to instill brand culture into potential customer groups. Not only increased brand awareness, but also virtually expanded the brand influence, the formation of enterprise soft power.

As mobile phone brands, millet emphasis on technology and price, HUAWEI to the national brand itself, VIVIO and OPPO took the fashion line, when the rise of the domestic mobile phone, these brands occupy the top sales list vividly. Similarly, LED display enterprises should also