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LED profiled screen will lead the display market!

Date : 2017-06-29 :  View  

After years of development, the traditional display LED display has gradually faded coat, the market has become a few high-profile creative small pitch LED display, LED transparent screen, LED screen and LED shaped grille screen display products. We can't deny that now the traditional LED display in the market still occupy a larger share, but at the same time with these advanced display technology, LED display creative fashion market is also expanding.

With the increasing of LED display market demand, the technology has been upgraded, and the users of the industry demand is also changing, in addition to some of the conventional display screen shaped a variety of creative are highly sought after, LED shaped screen which put different color. With the use of the environment and application requirements, the LED display is also gradually increase, the removal of the traditional information display function, requirements on the LED display screen appearance is rising, and the birth of special LED display can meet this requirement. With the increasing demand for personalized, creative display market is gradually expanding, while in the LED display industry creative display field can see is that the LED shaped screen also gradually expand the scope of the application, in the amusement park, bar, stage, outdoor plaza, Science Park, marine museum, cultural center and other venues are the main application areas LED shaped screen, greatly increased the amount of use of the LED shaped screen, broaden the product application market, the entire LED shaped screen huge market capacity.

The special shape LED display screen, as its name implies, changes various shapes on the basis of the traditional LED display screen to present different effects. The shape is more original, unique, unlike the regular LED display, rectangular, flat, plate like shape, and it's diverse. The special-shaped LED display makes the new product features better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building, and its size and size can be customized according to the requirements.

In the traditional sense, the LED special-shaped screen has the following four categories: one is the arc shaped display screen: the display surface is a part of the cylindrical surface, and the unfolded surface is rectangular. Two is the irregular shape display screen: the display surface is an irregular plane, such as round, triangle or completely irregular plane. The three is a curved display screen: the display surface is a three-dimensional surface, such as the canopy and curved shapes. Four is a screen screen: the display surface of the display is made up of a number of display strips, and the display screen has larger spacing, higher transparency and lower contrast.

The traditional display of product differentiation is more and more small, it is not easy to get a space for one person. In order to avoid re entering the competition of homogenization, Kang Shuo has changed the management thinking and offered the creative product design change to customers, and the opposite sex screen is one of them. This will also be a major trend in the development of LED display industry. LED irregular screen because of its irregular, unconventional appearance, to meet the designer's creative inspiration, to bring new and unique visual perception of the audience.

The irregular shape of the screen, compared to the conventional LED display, this kind of special-shaped screen more emphasis on structural breakthroughs. Due to the appearance of LED special-shaped screens, the structure is different from each other, so the technical requirements of manufacturers are even more stringent. If the manufacturer of key technologies, splicing out of the LED screen will whole many problems such as uneven seam because the gap is too large, the splicing surface caused by the discontinuous appearance, thus affecting the viewing effect, undermine the overall design aesthetic. According to the previously LED shaped screen case, enterprises to build a LED profile screen is by using the LED shaped screen module, fully customizable way, but as everyone knows, LED shaped screen product development costs high, enterprise manufacturing LED shaped screen module complex process, inspection process, whether material costs or labor costs than conventional led display.

Special-shaped screen as a relatively new form of display, with its unique charm of display, there will be more and more people recognize its advantages in the display. Coupled with product diversification, to meet customer demand for personalized, more and more users of special-shaped screen recognition. At present, the domestic LED shaped screen market, are more inclined to have the special needs of the user, the two anomalous screen applied in the gradual expansion, but it is mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition hall and square and other places.

For LED enterprises, in doing special-shaped screen products, not necessarily exhaustive, everything is all, but must form their own unique style and features, in order to enhance the enterprise's creative space. In the future, LED special screen will be modernized decoration, landscape and lighting, etc., to form a better city creative display.

In the LED display industry, the current LED regular display still occupies the main market, and LED special-shaped screen, small spacing and other products, although relatively popular with the market, but its market sales are still far from enough. At present, in the LED display industry for many years the development of precipitation, LED display products have also been timely and change the breakthrough development. From straight to surface paste, from routine to creative display, the pace of enterprise product innovation has never stopped. Today, the creative display more and more prosperous, to seize the market opportunities, the main LED shaped screen business in the creative display and playing a new pattern, innovation out of conventional LED screen collocation shaped screen product marketing mode, the formation of a new industry trend.